About Olly
Have you ever seen the film Limitless starring Bradley Cooper?

Where he finds a miracle drug known as 'NZT', cleans the bugs out of it and begins to operate on a completely different level to everyone else?

In 2011, that film inspired me to help men truly look and feel 'Limitless'.

To essentially have it all - naturally.

Successful within their career or business...

A fit, trim, toned and healthy body...

And a fantstic lifestyle to go with it.

I wanted to plug the gap between all of these areas and bring them together to create a simple formula that guys could utilise every day to operate at the Limitless level.

Whether it was working with elite athletes, grinding it out in the corporate world or churning out hundreds of body transformations through my Online Personal Training business, I eventually created Men On Fire after 11 years of hard work.

Men On Fire and our Man On Fire Programme will take you from: overweight, soft, exhausted and stressed to trim, toned, energised and calm.

Using our Square Of Success System, we're helping men have it all.

A trim flat stomach...

A toned and defined physique...

Constant focus, energy and drive...

Whilst staying cool, calm and collected and letting their hair down once in a while.

We do this through our: Flexible Dieting, Progressive Exercise, HRV and Grounding Systems which all work synergistically to put you into a state of feeling Limitless.

On a personal level, I'm hugely excited to continue to work with men who really want to push themselves in the quest to have it all and truly enjoy the process.
Spreading the word to the staff at ION Trading inside the Gherkin Tower in London
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